Wripple Reaches Agreement With Procurement Foundry To License Its Online Marketplace Platform



ATLANTA, Oct 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wripple, the leading agency services platform, today announced an agreement with Procurement Foundry to license its online marketplace software in the category of purchases.

Procurement Foundry will leverage Wripple’s software to launch a new offering to its community – an online talent marketplace – that will give Foundry’s more than 5,000 members around the world access to procurement professionals at demand for key projects.

“At Wripple, we’ve leveraged our vast experience and intelligence in the digital agency world and channeled it into software that connects top-notch branding opportunities to highly controlled and system-organized digital talent, to demand, ”said Shannon Denton, co-founder and CEO of Wripple. “Wripple’s platform represents the future not only for finding talent, but also for matching it at the right time and at the right time for employers. We welcome the opportunity to work with Procurement Foundry to bring this intelligence and automation to the purchasing and supply chain category. “

Procurement Foundry builds the world’s largest community of procurement and supply chain management professionals and provides a way to converse, share and develop collective knowledge within their community – and now, to search for on-demand purchasing professionals through Wripple’s online talent marketplace software.

“Wripple’s software not only delivers a superior customer experience and a rich feature set, but it has also shown how it can help connect highly skilled people with companies that have an immediate need for top specialist talent. », Says Michael Cadieux, founder of Procurement. Foundry. “Now more than ever, organizations like ours welcome this type of technological solution to serve members of our community. “

Wripple’s software platform leverages software algorithms and rich data sets to match clients to (a) interdisciplinary solution teams for project-based assignments, or (b) people with expertise specialized expertise. The Wripple algorithm analyzes a range of factors to recommend the best talent for the project, resulting in better candidate interviews and faster fill times.

With 70 years of combined agency experience, Wripple founders Bonny Block, Shannon Denton and Ray Samuels set out to improve the agency business model they helped create with the first smart e-commerce engine. for agency services.

About Wripple (www.wripple.com)
Wripple is the first agency services platform that uses a two-way marketplace to connect independent digital businesses and talent to help them thrive in our on-demand world. The proliferation of technology and channels, the on-demand economy and now a global pandemic continue to change the demands and fundamental characteristics of marketing work, as the volume, speed, complexity and need for specialized resources continue to grow. Wripple’s online marketplace provides a flexible, transparent, agile, and cost-effective way to expand the entire marketing workforce with access to on-demand, high-quality talent and ready-to-use project teams.

About the supply foundry
Procurement Foundry is today the world’s largest gathering of procurement and supply chain management practitioners. It is a place where knowledge, ideas, questions and information are shared through multiple methods of engagement. The community includes chat channels, webinars, AMA (“ask me anything”) sessions, real-time surveys, document libraries, presentation rooms and more. The platform brings together industry information and knowledge in one place so members can focus on what matters – members come to come together, grow and share with their peers.


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