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October 11, 2021

Timothy prickett morgan

It’s hard to believe we’re actually 2021, and it’s even harder to believe we’re in the final weeks of the 2022 IBM i Marketplace survey. This is the eighth annual survey, which takes the pulse of the IBM i community and gives us insight into what you all do.

As you are well aware, the community must voice its needs if it is ever to ever guide the behavior of IBM as well as that of large third-party vendors of hardware, software and services. Believe it or not, Big Blue is more open to receiving feedback than many IT vendors, although it sometimes may not seem like it. This is your chance to provide feedback and add a little insight and pressure.

Perhaps more importantly, IBM itself doesn’t give out a lot of information on how the Power Systems business is doing (although we do a pretty good job of filling some of those gaps here at. The four hundred), let alone the IBM i platform it contains. So the community has had to rely on surveys from user groups and major software vendors to try to understand what’s going on in IBM i Land.

Over the past eight falls, HelpSystems, which is arguably now the largest software company in the IBM i arena with what we estimate between $ 150 million and $ 180 million in annual sales, has tried to fill the information gap. which are no longer available. Big Blue or leading IT market researchers and survey the IBM i customer base and write an annual report, called the IBM i Marketplace Survey. Over the winter of the new year, HelpSystems is hosting a set of webinars spanning different time zones to educate people and also myself to comment on the results of each annual survey and discuss trends over time versus what is happening in the larger IT market. (This is where I usually speak.)

This survey is important, and that’s why Jungle Computing has always encouraged readers of The four hundred participate in the annual survey carried out by HelpSystems. So, with that in mind, I ask you to take some time to complete the IBM i Marketplace 2022 survey, which started a few weeks ago and ends on October 15th.

In January, as usual, I will be part of the team interpreting the survey results.

Thanks for helping. We all appreciate it. And I mean all 300,000 to 400,000 of us in the IBM i community.

You can take the survey on this link.


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