Think gas prices are bad? The flights are as follows; banks waive transfer fees in Ukraine: CBC’s Marketplace Cheat Sheet


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Shocked by the price at the pump? The cost of your next flight could also skyrocket

We’ve all been doing a double take at the gas station lately.

But as you accept that some prices even exceed $2 a litre, you should also be prepared for an increase in the cost of flights.

Experts say air travelers should expect a sticker shock soon.

The cost of jet fuel is subject to the same forces that drove gasoline prices to their highest in years.

Jet fuel is one of the largest costs borne by airlines, so experts say this increase will affect the price travelers pay to fly, if it hasn’t already. Read more

A corporate jet refuels at the Las Vegas airport in this file photo. (David Becker/Reuters)

She called out TD Bank for accusing her of donating to Ukraine relief efforts. It made a big difference

Krystyne Rusek, who is Ukrainian-Canadian, interviews TD Bank after she was charged — and later refunded — a $50 fee for donating to Ukrainian relief efforts days after Russia invaded the country.

Rusek says she went to her local TD branch on March 1 to contribute $1,600 to a special fund set up by the Ukrainian government.

His donation, and those of other Canadians supporting the fund, were collected by a BMO branch in downtown Toronto before being transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine, the central bank, and then sent to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

After arranging the transaction, the TD cashier told Rusek she had to pay a $50 wire transfer fee – the standard fee for customers sending a wire payment from a TD branch to a non-TD account. in Canada or abroad.

“I paid for it and I wasn’t upset,” Rusek told CBC Toronto. “But the next day I started thinking about it and realized it was wrong.”

After writing an email expressing her concerns to TD the day after her donation, she was told two days later – after CBC News approached the bank about the situation – that she would be reimbursed.

Now, TD says it will waive all fees for wire transfers to Ukraine and refund those, like Rusek, who were originally charged for their donations. All the other major Canadian banks say they will also waive fees. Read more

Krystyne Rusek of Toronto donated $1,600 to a special fund set up by the Ukrainian government to support the country’s military in its fight against a Russian invasion. Initially, TD Bank charged her a fee, but later refunded her. (Spencer Gallichan-Lowe/CBC)

After a credit report error, these newlyweds say they lost their window to buy a house

There are plenty of signs that the housing market has gotten a little out of control over the past few years.

the the average price of houses in Canada is at an all-time highand as any potential buyer knows, the difference between a successful bid and a failed bid on a home can often come down to something as simple as timing.

Jessica Rochon and his wife, Alison Holmes, found out the hard way, after being denied a mortgage pre-approval due to someone else’s bad credit – a woman with almost the same name as Rochon. , who lives in a remote province of Quebec.

The two Rochons are not related and have never met, but their Equifax credit history appears to have been mixed up in one file, causing financial problems – and a lot of headaches – for the Rochon in Ottawa.

Following a Go Public investigation, Equifax resolved the issue, but Rochon and Holmes say it’s now too late – they’ve been deprived of buying the kind of home they wanted. Read more

Jessica Rochon, right, and his wife, Alison Holmes, say they are now out of money to buy a home in Ottawa, after Rochon was denied a mortgage due to errors in his Equifax credit report . (Sylvain LePage/CBC)

What else is going on?

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coke and Pepsi join companies suspending operations in Russia
Calls for a boycott from companies that do not take a stand against Russia are increasing.

Mask mandates are lifted in Canada – and could further divide Canadians
The politicization of messaging could further divide Canadians over masking in the future.

Why Canada is losing affordable rental housing faster than it’s being built
Large investors bought up Canada’s rental stock and increased their profits.

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