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Time to end the COVID-19 ban on reusable coffee mugs?

Wondering why you still can’t use your reusable cups in many cafes? You are hardly alone.

“A lot of environmental stuff has been put on the back burner during COVID-19,” said Brenya Green of Toronto, who is looking forward to having coffee served in her reusable mug again.

Earlier this week, Starbucks announced that it is once again offering to serve coffee to customers in their reusable mugs, a welcome move for Green but one that makes him wonder why competitors like McDonalds and Tim Hortons aren’t following suit. not.

“It’s been a little too long now, especially now that Starbucks has shown a solution.” Read more

Later this year, Tim Hortons plans to test a program where it loans customers a reusable, returnable food cup and food wrap for a refundable deposit. (Tim Horton)

Vacationers outsmarted by wildfire smoke frustrated with partial refunds from Airbnb cancellations

In the few days between when William Quinlan made an Airbnb reservation in Penticton, B.C., and when he and his family were supposed to check in on July 20, the nearby wildfire situation s ‘is considerably worsened.

Fearing the impact of the smoke on their children’s health, the family canceled their reservation a day before check-in. But Quinlan only received a partial refund and is now wondering why Airbnb did not refund the full amount of his stay. .

“It made us feel that Airbnb cares more about the bottom line than the health of its customers. We were shocked and surprised, frustrated, of course,” Quinlan said.

Airbnb’s Mitigating Circumstances Policy, which takes into account unforeseen events after booking, has been activated for areas affected by wildfires in British Columbia for bookings made before July 23 and check-ins between July 23. July and August 21, Airbnb said in an email.

The company said that because Quinlan and his family were due to check in on the 20th, the reservation was not eligible for a full refund. Read more

Nelson, BC, William Quinlan, resident, is frustrated with his partial refund of a cancellation due to wildfire risk in July. (William Quinlan)

Restaurant owners are struggling to fill jobs. Workers say low wages and harsh conditions are to blame

As restaurateurs across the country scramble to fill thousands of jobs, a common refrain has emerged: If the government did not pay workers to stay at home, the labor shortage that rampant in the restaurant industry would not exist.

But workers tell a different story, pointing to low wages and grueling working conditions as the main obstacles to hiring.

“It’s hot. It’s stressful. The hours are long and the pay is horrible,” said Chantelle Comeau, a 25-year veteran in the restaurant industry.

“People literally work to the point of exhausting themselves for pennies above minimum wage.” Read more

Meanwhile, industry experts say that hotel workers would benefit higher tips to help make up for their losses during the pandemic.

Economists say there are several factors that contribute to the labor shortage in restaurants. (Laura Meader / CBC)

BMO won’t reimburse Ottawa woman who lost $ 23,000 to fraudsters, family say

The family of an Ottawa woman say she lost about $ 23,000 of her savings after fraudsters gained access to her personal bank account.

Nazma Sayeeda Yousuf, 66, has been doing business with the Bank of Montreal for 38 years, during which time she never set up online banking, relying instead on monthly paper statements and in-person trips to Prince of Wales Drive branch.

Daughter Sharmeen Yousuf says she knew something was wrong four months ago when she noticed a number of unknown transactions on the joint account the two share, including Interac wire transfers and payments on a prepaid credit card registered with another bank.

But Yousuf is still fighting for reimbursement after the Bank of Montreal denied her request due to “inconsistent information” gathered during her investigation, casting doubt on the family’s account of events.

The family remains adamant that all of these transactions were made without their knowledge or consent, and that they have nothing to do with the email accounts and the credit card that received the money. Read more

Ottawa Family Says Fraudsters Withdrawn Over $ 23,000 From Their Account And BMO Won’t Refund Them

Sharmeen Yousuf says her 66-year-old mother lost more than $ 23,000 after fraudsters gained access to her personal bank account. She says BMO refused to refund the money due to “inconsistent information” gathered during her investigation. 1:12

What else is going on?

TIFF and Mirvish to require proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test from participants
The announcements correspond to many other in-person events that keep coming back.

Travelers to Canada doubled after border reopened to Americans
Numbers are still well below the level of crossings before the COVID-19 pandemic

These hand sanitizers have been recalled by Health Canada
Some hand sanitizers are being recalled because they do not meet Health Canada requirements.

These Mr. Porky brand scrapers recalled due to salmonella risk
The product must be discarded or returned to the store.

These Moza brand “Magic Sticks and Balls” kits have been recalled due to a risk of ingestion
Consumers should immediately take the recalled kit away from children and return the product to the company for a full refund.

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