Stregsy Online Magickal Marketplace launches at NYC WITCHSFEST USA 2021


NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) –, the sponsor of WITCHSFEST USA 2021, will launch its online marketplace during the event from July 9-11. Stregsy is a “magic market” for readings and products, connecting spiritual service providers, traders and buyers.

Created by Sarah Laws and Angela Lovell, the site is designed to connect counselors with those seeking spiritual guidance and merchandise. Visitors to the site can come into contact with a wide variety of advisors who offer various types of readings. The site also provides a unique online shopping platform where merchants offer a range of products, such as ethically sourced crystals, artwork, custom designed clothing and jewelry, courses on the market. capacity building and increased awareness, etc.

Laws is the owner of Laws Marketing & Consulting and CEO of Stregsy. Lovell, the Creative Director of Stregsy, is an author, medium and host of podcasts Dear Witchypoo and This is where the magic happens.

“So many people are looking for the right advisor, but don’t know where to start,” Laws said. “This is what won us over when we launched at WITCHSFEST USA 2021. This festival brings together so many people in one physical place, and our site brings them together virtually. Sponsoring the event was obvious.

Lovell added, “After working for some of the biggest up-to-the-minute psychic counseling sites in the world, it was important for me to create a community where people can truly connect. Sarah and I recognized the need for such a site during the pandemic when people became so isolated. We’re excited to launch and start connecting like-minded people. ”

The name “Stregsy” is derived from strega, which means “witch” in Italian. The company is based in Cassadaga, Florida, known as the “Psychic Capital of the World”.


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