Single store managed services now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace


San Francisco – (Business thread) -SingleStore is the world’s fastest integrated database for data-intensive applications and today announced the availability of single store managed services in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This makes it easy for Microsoft customers to get Single Store technology.

“Businesses are looking for cloud-centric solutions. By making the Single Store available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we have taken a further step in meeting this important customer requirement, ”said the CEO of Single Store. A Raj Verma said. “Our customers have the best of both worlds: a database that provides businesses with the fastest way to get what they need to deploy the industry’s most powerful, versatile, and critical workloads. You can now enjoy. ”

SingleStore is an integrated database for data-intensive applications. This distributed SQL database supports transactions and analyzes. Process structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. Works in public clouds, on-premises environments, and hybrid deployments.

SingleStore has separate storage and compute and supports transactional and analytical workloads. Provides point recovery (PITR) and activates the recording system function. SingleStore provides universal storage that supports multi-column keys, so customers don’t need separate operational and analysis systems, and developers can extract, transform, and load into a data warehouse to perform analyzes (you don’t have to spend precious time on ETL). It also executes queries faster, which reduces complexity and friction.

About the unique store

SingleStore is dedicated to helping businesses scale faster, embrace diverse data, and accelerate digital innovation by running all of their data on one platform at every critical moment. I go. These features are provided as a service on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Red Hat, as well as through proprietary deployments using SingleStore and SingleStoreDB managed services.

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Single-store managed services now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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