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The Oxford Community Market took second place in the American Farmland Trust Grant competition on Sunday, September 19.

In July, Oxford Community Market participated in the American Farmland Trust’s 13th Annual American Farmland Celebration Contest. The contest ran from June 21 to September 19, and buyers and supporters across the country voted for their favorite market.

The country’s top three People’s Choices received $ 2,500 for the first, $ 1,500 for the second and $ 1,000 for the third.

The results were announced on Sunday, September 19. Columbia Farmers Market in Columbia, MO won with 10,506 votes, Oxford Farmers Market took second place with 9,800 votes and Monroe Farmers Market in Monroe, CT took third with 4,401.

The Oxford Community Market mission tackles food insecurity in Oxford, increases access to fresh food and connects growers and producers with customers.

“Here at the market,” said Les Driggers, Oxford Community Market vendor and owner of the 7D farm, “we have everyone, different cultures, races, socio-economic status, gender, political opinion. We all get together and interact civilly and we get along, and we form friendships. ”

The market is home to many diverse vendors including Oxsicles, Cypress Bakery Co, Poultry in Motion Farms, and 7D farm, to name a few.

The Community Market, located at the Old Armory Pavilion, hosts a weekly Farmer’s Market year-round Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The market consists of fresh produce, baked goods, and food vendors and vendors. community crafts.

Betsy Chapman, director of the Oxford Community Market, said she entered the market in the competition in order to raise awareness of the market and create a greater sense of community in Oxford.

“From the second we entered the contest, we started promoting it,” said Chapman, “encouraging our supporters, their friends, customers, volunteers and suppliers to all join in and help us. to spread the word about whether to vote for us for America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market.

Poultry in Motion Farms seller Kevin Guyer of Water Valley said it was impressive to see a town the size of Oxford muster enough people to receive so many votes.

“Colombia, Missouri is a bigger city. I think it’s just amazing that we managed to score so high, ”Guyer said.

Chapman said the prize money will go to promote local vendors and the community as a whole.

Jayden Pounds, of the Oxford Americorps Vista Community Market, said there are many avenues the prize money can go for, including fresh produce drives.

Pounds said the market itself creates a sense of camaraderie and “solace” within the Oxford community.

“It’s just a place people call home,” Pounds said. “We can have social and personal interactions every week with people we connect with. ”

Olivia Reeves, a second-year integrated marketing communications major, said she grew up going to farmers’ markets with her mother.

“I’ve always loved that they kind of bring a community together, just by selling similar products,” Reeves said. “You also meet a lot of different people, all the while buying local products and just helping the local economy.”


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