Optimize the performance, efficiency and life cycle of portable air compressors with first-class aftermarket solutions from Atlas Copco


MIndustry and industry are under increasing pressure to produce more. Uninterrupted availability and production are fundamental to achieving this in a sustainable way while remaining profitable. Operators therefore rely heavily on machine reliability to maximize productivity, and this is where service plays a crucial role.

Atlas Copco portable air compressors are used by countless industries, from construction and automotive to mining and quarrying. “There is only one way to ensure these machines are running reliably to increase uptime, and that is through regular service and maintenance at the correct intervals by qualified OEM technicians using genuine OEM parts. premium origin”, says Douw van Schalkwyk, Business Line Manager for Power Technique. Service division. “As service partners, we help our customers improve machine performance, uptime and lifecycle, while keeping operating costs as low as possible. We have tailored our after-sales service portfolio to comprehensively cover the individual needs of our customers throughout the life of our products.

Van Schalkwyk unpacks Atlas Copco’s after-sales services for portable air compressors, which include maintenance, inspection and parts plans, service contracts, overhaul and engine programs as well as digital solutions. He urges customers to use Atlas Copco’s maintenance plan because it allows them to take full advantage of preventive maintenance and repairs performed by factory-trained technicians equipped with the proper tooling. The Service Plan provides scheduled maintenance options that match customers’ exact compressor needs with quality genuine parts and professional workmanship. Customers are kept informed through regular service reports for complete peace of mind. Van Schalkwyk points out that the service plans, which include preventive maintenance kits, wear and repair kits, an inspection and overhaul plan, have been developed based on customer feedback, know-how application, field support and product development experience.

Atlas Copco’s inspection plan includes an equipment audit with a detailed equipment condition report and a checklist with recommendations. Regular inspection visits will provide accurate machine diagnostics and recommendations. “As well as maximizing machine productivity, it’s easy to schedule repairs in advance, allowing customers to include it during their downtime,” adds Van Schalkwyk.

“There is simply no counter-argument to the fact that only original parts guarantee quality, high performance and efficiency,” emphasizes Van Schalkwyk.Using genuine parts ensures that Atlas Copco products are maintained to factory specifications, extending life and minimizing operating costs.


“Our parts plan, which consists of a planned parts activity over a period of two or three years (depending on machine utilization levels), covers all parts required for maintenance, including filters, fluids and lubricants.” High quality original Atlas Copco oil and air filters have passed rigorous performance tests and are manufactured to strict manufacturing standards, providing the best possible seal between the filter housing and the engine.

Van Schalkwyk stresses the importance of using the right lubricants to achieve maximum equipment uptime, performance and life. He explains: “Firstly, each type of machine needs a specific lubricant and secondly, the choice of lubricant is determined by the application and the ambient conditions. Atlas Copco lubricants last longer and perform better. They have been specially designed for their air compressors to meet maintenance specifications and provide optimum protection. “Our highly trained technicians ensure the correct compressor and engine oil are selected.”

Atlas Copco portable air compressors are built to last, whether they’re running 24/7 or subjected to long periods of inactivity. However, these machines often operate in grueling environments, so even the most reliable machines eventually need to be refurbished after many years of productive operation under harsh conditions. Atlas Copco’s team of specialists refurbish air compressors, including the motor, to look like new. “By combining experience and new genuine parts, we bring a machine’s performance and productivity back to its original state,” says Van Schalkwyk. Customers can choose between two refurbishment programs (gold and silver) for their portable compressors. All programs include repair of major compressor systems and annual service with fluids. Atlas Copco offers comprehensive warranties on its remanufactured engines and components.

Atlas Copco’s convenient online platforms, such as FleetLink and Power Connect, allow customers with the click of a button to stay connected to their machinery and equipment, access vital product information and shop online 24/7. The Fleetlink intelligent telematics system allows customers to remotely manage their fleet of machines (large or small), always having the latest fleet information at their fingertips. By keeping customers connected to the jobsite, machines and crews, FleetLink helps optimize fleet utilization and reduce maintenance costs, ultimately saving time and money. Power Connect, which is available on all smart devices, provides a direct link to Atlas Copco’s Parts Online where customers can find spare parts and consumables for their Atlas Copco equipment on the up-to-date spare parts catalog system. Customers simply scan the QR code on their machine to access the Power Connect portal. “Our digital solutions improve product performance, efficiency and lifecycles for sustainable productivity and are an essential part of our aftermarket service offering,” concludes Van Schalkwyk.


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