NFT Marketplace Welcomes New Rival: Socialogue – The NFT Social Marketplace


Vilnius, Lithuania, 12 Dec. 2021, ZEXPR WIRE, The NFT community celebrates the launch of a new social NFT marketplace – Socialogue. Unlike other NFT trading platforms, Socialogue is a space where people can trade NFTs, build communities, and control the governance of Socialogue, also known as Senate DAO.

“Consumers are eager to try new things, to be able to connect, to build communities and to make decisions, all in a safe and secure environment. Until recently, the technological infrastructure could not catch up with increasing consumer demands. While this sounds like a limitation, we saw it as an opportunity. – Socialogue CEO Mindaugas talks about the emerging idea of ​​creating the NFT Social Marketplace.

Socialogue is open to artists to promote their work, interact with the public, and sell their work at no significant cost. In return, the community has a space to share ideas, discuss art, and connect with their favorite NFT artists. Some of the benefits of the platform include the fact that NFTs are traded in an open and decentralized ecosystem secured by the Ethereum blockchain network and are all available for zero gas fees for peer-to trading. -peer.

The idea behind the founding of Socialogue is that “everyone in the virtual space should have equal rights and not be ruled by a central government. Socialogue is an independent social network where everyone is treated fairly and community members are also the deciding factor in the direction of the platform. – explains Mindaugas. Socialogue takes a new approach to the governance of community platforms and has introduced terms such as Senate of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The DAO Senate creates a transparent platform controlled by the members themselves. The members in question are the Socialogue Senate.

The Socialogue Senate is a unique community where each member of the Senate has the right to offer their suggestions on improving the community and has the right to vote and express themselves freely. Anyone can join the Senate by acquiring NFTs from Socialogue on condition that one NFT equals one vote. This simple structure gives the community the power to not only connect with like-minded people, discuss and exchange works of art, but also to inspire and effect change on the platform. herself.

To kick off its crowdfunding campaign, Socialogue is about to launch its first NFT collectibles project with 10,000 NFT up for grabs. You can buy them with Ethereum cryptocurrency. NFTs and their value are connected to the Socialogue platform, and when it grows, NFT prices will increase together.

The difference between the Socialogue campaign and other NFT crowdfunding projects is that by purchasing NFT from Socialogue, the person immediately gets something of value. It is access to the NFT social market and to the Socialogue Senate.

With the launch of this crowding campaign, Socialogue shows that they are serious. Visit here to learn more about the Socialogue NFT series and to search advertisement because the campaign is starting soon. The question here is not whether they will be able to do so. This is how quickly they will sell.


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