Maxim Magazine partners with xSigma to launch NFT Marketplace



The market – named “MaximNFT” – will include exclusive NFTs sold by Maxim.

Men’s Lifestyle Magazine Maxim Launches NFT Marketplace, with help from blockchain R&D lab xSigma Corporation, a subsidiary of the Nasdaq-listed company ZK International.

Maxim enters the NFT space

The news of the partnership was unveiled in a press release from ZK International, the parent company of xSigma. The xSigma team will own and operate the MaximNFT Marketplace, where Maxim will use its brand and large audience to promote and attract users. Maxim has been a leading men’s magazine for over 25 years, reaching over 10 million men in 75 countries each month. Their covers have featured many celebrities including Megan Fox, Shakira, Beyonce and more.

The MaximNFT platform will make it easy for users to buy, sell and create their own NFTs. NFTs – short for “Non-fungible Tokens” – are unique digital properties with which official ownership is certified using blockchain technology. MaximNFT supports NFTs on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polkadot, and Binance-Smart Chain.

Interestingly, the platform would include a new NFT trading feature known as “NFT tokenization”. Using this feature, users can break up a single NFT into multiple parts and exchange them as an individual part. This could change the long-held notion that all NFTs are quite unique digital assets and turn them into some sort of digital currency in Maxim’s marketplace.

As a blockchain R&D laboratory, xSigma’s mission is to develop such technologies. They produce a variety of products and applications for DeFi, stablecoins, and NFT, backed by a team that includes former engineers from Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Ripple.

MaximNFT will also be the exclusive host of Maxim’s own NFT suite, as well as digital assets based on popular brands, athletes and celebrities. Details of the sequel have yet to be announced.

Explosive growth of NFT in 2021

The NFT space has seen remarkable growth in popularity this year, much of which has been concentrated in the past two months alone. Dappradar data shows transaction volume reaching $ 1.5 billion in the first quarter of 2021. In fact, up to $ 896 million in NFT sales volume was observed last month only.

The creation by Maxim of an NFT marketplace undoubtedly aims to capitalize on the rapid growth of the industry. Their platform will focus on providing sports, celebrity and gaming themed collectibles to the community, especially gaming, an industry that they hope will become deeply integrated with NFT technology at the. to come up.



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