Locust Grove assigns SR 42 to Marketplace Blvd signal


Photo of State Route 42 at Marketplace Blvd.  Locust Grove awarded a construction bid for a new signal in December 2021 (photo Google Streetview).

Locust Grove City Council approved the offer to build National Highway 42 at Marketplace Blvd at the December 20 council meeting. The project will install a new traffic light at the intersection.

Market boulevard signal

The new signal along Highway 42 has been a frequent request by city residents. Before Locust Grove could begin the project, both Georgia DOT and Norfolk Southern approval were required. Railway approval was required due to the proximity of the intersection with the tracks. Locust Grove received final approvals in fall 2021.

The city has solicited bids for the project until December 10. Four contractors submitted bids for the work. Lumin8 Transportation Technologies, LLC of Marietta, GA submitted the lowest bid at $ 152,940. This amount includes a contingency of $ 25,000 which will be returned to the City if it is not used.

There is a waiting time of 17 to 22 weeks to receive the mast arms required for the project. The installation of the signal will be done after the reception of the parts by the contractor.

Bill Gardner Parkway in Lester Mill Road

Another new signal at Locust Grove is quickly taking shape. Contractors recently installed a new traffic light at Bill Gardner Parkway and Lester Mill Road. Crews plan to activate the new signal before the end of the year.

The new signal is temporary until a future enlargement project. The future project, which is part of the Henry County SPLOST transportation program, will widen the Bill Gardner Parkway from two to four lanes. The widening project can build a roundabout at the intersection instead of a traffic light.

I-75 at exit 212 / Bill Gardner Parkway

Finally, Locust Grove is about to push forward with another project. The city worked with Georgia DOT on changes to the I-75 / Exit 212 interchange. The project will change the lane configuration under the freeway to provide more queue space for the turning lanes.

City staff are currently preparing construction documents for the tender. Locust Grove has $ 500,000 in town T-SPLOST Fund for the project.

Image shown shows State Route 42 at Marketplace Blvd. Google Streetview photo credit.

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