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TR PHOTO BY TREVOR BABCOCK _ The Harvest Market filled the 13th Street neighborhood on Friday night with residents of Marshalltown and those from surrounding communities to take advantage of the local vendors, the great weather and live entertainment.

Good weather and a street full of vendors filled the 13th Street neighborhood on Friday night.

As shoppers made their way to the 13th Street neighborhood to enjoy the Harvest Market, dozens of parked cars filled the streets with music that filled the air. They then arrived on a busy street with vendors selling everything from homemade cupcakes to furniture and jewelry.

Queues for the more than 25 vendors swirled throughout the 13th Street neighborhood as live bands provided live entertainment. Doors to 13th Street district stores were also open with lines of people.

Anne Wahl, 13th Street District Board Member, greeted guests as they entered the Harvest Market. She said she saw a lot of people happy to be outside in the beautiful weather, with people starting to show up as early as 4:30 p.m. to attend the event.

“I just think I can come back, so many people said they remembered coming before COVID”, said Wahl. “COVID is not over, but now that we have a vaccine available for people to come back and have fun again and see neighbors. I have seen a lot of neighbors that I haven’t even seen since COVID started. “

TR PHOTO BY TREVOR BABCOCK – Participants in the harvest market discover jewelry for sale. Buyers were seen throughout the 13th Street district checking out what vendors had to offer at the crop market.

With the 13th Street District Cruise-In showcasing classic cars on Thursday and the upcoming Cultural Festival on September 19, Wahl said it was wonderful to have the 13th Street District back and felt the people of Marshalltown are excited about their town right now.

Marshalltown resident Bob Gilbertson, who attended Friday night’s Harvest Market, said he has been going to the event since it started and is happy to see people coming back.

“It’s been a long time since we had an event like this”, Gilbertson said.

He liked to take a look at the various vendors in the harvest market. Baked goods, candles, fall decorations, coffee, spices, produce, ice cream, barbecue, art, flowers and more were all available.

“Knowing that all this comes from the people of the region in order to be able to support local businesses is good” he said.

TR PHOTO BY TREVOR BABCOCK – Energetic seven-piece outfit The Punching Pandas put on a lively spectacle for the crowded 13th Street neighborhood during the Harvest Market.

Caffeinated Chaos owner Jess Althaus, who sold her handmade and designed clay earrings at Harvest Market, said she enjoys seeing familiar faces, meeting new ones and sharing her business.

“It’s been really busy and it’s been really fun,” said Althaus.

13th Street District Board Member Christine Isom, who led the planning for the harvest market, said she was happy to see the participation of families and community members.

“These kinds of events help bring the neighborhood and our community back to life, so that we can see our neighbors and friends that we may not have seen for about a year,” Isom said.

This year’s Harvest Market was the fifth performance of the event and Isom said there are plans to bring the event back next year.

“We are delighted to continue to develop and improve it”, Isom said. “We will be looking at how we can continue to improve the event and attract more people from the community and surrounding communities to see some of the big changes and things happening in Marshalltown.”

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