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READY TO OPEN – Store manager Tiffany Beckwith stands in the furniture area of ​​the Urban Thrift and Opportunity Center which will open to the public on Thursday in its new location at 236 N. Seventh St., Steubenville, on Seventh Street Plaza owned by at Urban Mission Ministries. The doors will open after an opening ceremony at 11:30 am. – Janice Kiaski

STEUBENVILLE – Tiffany Beckwith is horny for two reasons.

She has a new position with Urban Mission Ministries where she served over three years as Director of Community Engagement, recruiting and placing mission volunteers.

Now, she is the Store Manager for Urban Thrift and Opportunity Center, and it opens Thursday at its new location at 236 N. Seventh St. next to Family Dollar on Seventh Street Plaza, Steubenville, where she will be working with volunteers.

An 11:30 a.m. ribbon cut there with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce will precede the store’s official opening to the public.

The new Urban Thrift location is spacious, divided into two sections, the rear area showcasing a variety of donated furniture and the frontage providing a friendly space to shop for items such as housewares; clothing for women, men and children; shoes and handbags; jewelry; cooking tools; collectibles; and general cargo.

“All the gifts are in the front and the furniture is in this back section” she explained Tuesday as staff and volunteers worked there in preparation for opening day.

Urban Thrift will be closed Sunday and Monday and open Tuesday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Furniture and items can be brought to the store at the donation center behind it, not at the main entrance, Beckwith noted.

“There are signs that point to the Urban Thrift Donation Center, and it goes to the back of the building,” she said. Deliveries may take place during normal store hours.

Urban Thrift had operated at 644 Market St., Steubenville, where it opened in April 2018 in the former City Rescue Mission thrift store at the corner of Market and South Seventh streets. She and the City Rescue Mission were donated to Urban Mission Ministries by longtime owners Harry and Tracy Kellermier when they retired.

It closed at the end of March in anticipation of its move to the square, owned by the ministries of urban missions, which takes into account the mission’s plans to bring together various ministries.

The move has several advantages, including accessibility for people with disabilities, better parking, more space and everything is on one floor.

“Everything is on one level, so we are able to transport goods from the donation center directly to the store area without having to walk around the building or climb stairs, so the only level is really a very big advantage. “ she said.

Urban Thrift closed its doors on Market Street at the end of March.

“We have been working here for over a year”, she said of the renovations done. “Last year, around the same time, a JOSHUA band came over and they scraped all the tiles off the floor,” she said, referring to a Sunbury United Methodist Church group in the Columbus area.

“It was really nice because when they came back this year, they could see the fruits of their labor because they had really started the demolition of this place”, she said. “Terrence Rainbow led most of the construction that took place, working all winter, sanding the floor, staining the floors, pretty much a two-person crew that included a volunteer, they sanded, painted and built walls and created this space, the storage area and the sorting room ”, she said. “Terrence paved the way for all the renovations,” she said. Rainbow is the director of the JOSHUA program.

“Then we all integrated and painted. “ Beckwith said.

“I am extremely excited” Beckwith said of the new store. “In the first three years that I worked with Urban Mission, I placed the volunteers, so it gives me the opportunity to work with the volunteers and also with the public, so I’m really excited.

In addition to Beckwith, Judge Slappy is the deputy store manager. “We have a group of about 20 volunteers”, she said.

“Our underlying motto is that you are welcome here” Beckwith said. “We just want to create a welcoming space for the community to shop or come and just be here. We have coffee available, a lounge area, and we really want to welcome the community and create this space ”, she said.

All proceeds from Urban Thrift support the programming of the Urban Mission, from its homeless shelters to its pantry.

Urban Thrift’s phone number is (740) 282-4851.

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