Farmington Farmers Market cooking demonstrations return


I woke up at 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, well before the 5 a.m. alarm. Mother Nature was in force, knocking pots to beat the group. This is how much rain fell on Friday night and until the early hours of the Saturday market.

Unable to fall asleep again, my mind raced like a motor waiting to speed up before leaping forward. We have had so much rain this year. It was no surprise as I walked into the dark before dawn of the market, laden with drops, wearing a hooded raincoat.

As I got out of my truck I was forced to look up at the sky and there, gently swaying in a light breeze and towering over the Sundquist flag, was the tallest American flag I have ever seen!

The Farmington Fire Department was busy raising the fire truck ladder. The sky was clearing up. I checked the radar. And so began a summer’s day in a small Michigan town as farmers, firefighters, vendors and volunteers all came out to prepare for the Saturday market and the 14th annual roast. annual community corn Elks-Farmers Market.

Walt gajewski

As the market bell rang, Mayor Sara Bowman presented another banner for the pavilion to recognize five consecutive years as the best farmers’ market in metro Detroit. All day long, that market bell kept ringing in my head – it was the pulse, the heartbeat of the community as the market took one step closer to reopening after the COVID-19 summer of Last year. More than 5,000 people came.

I can say for myself as a market manager that for the first time since the pandemic rocked our world, last weekend’s market looked like the market that won the Best of Metro Detroit award in 2017. So much so. good energy makes a guy hungry. I just had to have four ears of sweet corn.

Look ahead

Oakland Community College chef Julie According to purchases tomatoes with help from Agnes Skrzycki at Bill Gass' farm stand on August 7.  According toke will be giving the market's first cooking demonstration since 2019 on August 14.

In another reopening step, this Saturday, we welcome Oakland Community College to the South Bricks of the Sundquist Pavilion as Chef Julie Accordingke takes center stage in our first cooking demo since 2019.

Chef Julie stopped by the market last week to buy ingredients. She teamed up with farmer Bill Gass, who donated heirloom tomatoes that according toke will use to create a tasty Indian dish – tandoori shrimp in tomato sauce, inspired by one of his culinary school students.

“We were impressed with the plethora of fruits, vegetables and amazing local artists. We met farmer Bill from Gass Centennial Farms and were inspired to present their amazing heirloom tomatoes as a main component of our dish, ”said the chef. “This recipe was created by Chef Hariprasad Dhatchinamoorthy, an OCC alum. Chef Hari created this dish for a culinary competition to showcase the incredible flavor and aroma of his home country, India.

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Then meet at Bricks South at 11 a.m. on Saturday, as this Oakland Community College sponsored event will give you the opportunity to learn and taste at the farm and a popular culinary school.

Also on Saturday, Steve Taylor moves to Riley Park for his brand of Acoustic Alchemy from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We will also be hosting the Little Princess Ballet, sponsored by the Mid-American Studio of Farmington Hills and a mainstay of the market for nine years. The live performance begins at 10:45 am at Riley Park.

The people in the park, the people on the bricks, the people who come to the market: Oakland County can boast of a high vaccination rate and a destination outdoor market that makes downtown from Farmington the place to be.

Special thanks to our local sponsors: Fresh Thyme, Essential Family Chiropractic, Farmington Insurance, Farmington Garage, LOC Credit Union, Great Lakes ACE and Care By Design.

So, until next time, then and as always, here is saying: “See you soon at the market”.

The Farmington Farmers Market takes place on Saturdays in Farmington town center. For more information visit


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