Excitement on the GOG gaming platform: Hitman only watched online, fully playable



Users of the “Good old Games” (GOG) gaming platform are heavily criticized because the current “Hitman – Game of the Year Edition” offer requires an Internet connection. Otherwise, important missions and objectives will not be achievable. Because GOG advertises its offerings as DRM-free, the Hitman offer is poorly rated. Operators react with a warning of “review bombing” – excessively bad reviews – on their platform.

GOG offers PC games on its digital marketplace which, unlike other platforms such as Epic Games, Steam, Origin or Ubisoft-Connect, do not require online activation or internet connection to play. Many users prefer this type of offline game; However, some developers and publishers are keen to add digital restriction management (DRM) to their games.

The Hitman tactical stealth game in Game of the Year issue contradicts GOG’s tenets. This annoys GOG fans. The publisher Hitman IO Interactive does not offer a DRM-free version. GOG points out that the story of the game, which originally appeared in several episodes, as well as the bonus missions can be played offline. Only Special Missions, Special Objectives, or Orders can only be completed with an Internet connection. Ironically, this warning appears right next to GOG’s notice highlighting DRM-free and offline games.

GOG-Hinweis bei Hitman – Game of the Year Edition

(Image: GOG screenshot)

After a number of bad reviews on the gaming platform, which mostly revolve around the use of DRM and misleading statements on the supply side, GOG has addressed its users in its own forum. As a result, GOG will take a closer look and report back in the coming weeks. If you are not satisfied after the purchase, you can exercise your right of return to GOG and claim the refund. GOG is open to discussion and comment, but will not tolerate bombardment criticism. Messages that do not follow the guidelines will be deleted.

At present, “Hitman – Game of the Year Edition” bei GOG is still listed as DRM-free. The almost 300 reviews are almost always negative, so the game is rated 1.4 out of 5 stars. Technically and playfully, it is widely received positively by game administrators.


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