Community input used to shape Guelph Farmers Market as 10C takes over


With the Guelph Farmers’ Market officially under the management of 10 Carden Shared Space, better known as 10C, some changes are expected to begin that will grow the market with the common interests of residents shaping the future.

The council granted 10C management of the building at 2 Gordon Street for continued Saturday market operations, as well as additional programs at other times.

Last month, 10C officially took over operations on the space, and management is currently seeking visionary ideas from residents on how they would like to see the space shaped in the future.

“So far, in general, I think it’s been positive. We were very clear that it would be great to have more activity there and everyone we’ve spoken to so far has been curious and supported how 10C could activate more activity,” said Julia Grady, Executive Director of 10C.

From increasing the number of vendors to using the space as a roller derby practice arena, 10C welcomes all ideas.

“We are looking at how we can better use the facility for other community events,” Grady said. “I believe there are a few more events that we are in the process of aligning details with various community collaborators that we will likely announce in the next few months to two months that will take place in the fall.”

On Wednesday, a formal community meeting was held to discuss ideas and practices.

Grady said the session revolved around new ideas on building a future for the space, which includes opening up the market for longer and transforming the space into an informal setting that provides space for those who are looking for a coffee and a chat.

“We’re basically in the phase of actively listening to what people have in mind and ways to move forward in practice,” Grady said.

And while the ideas keep pouring in, Grady said some changes can be expected, with the biggest change starting in May with a new program called Takeout Thursdays, from May to October, in hopes of becoming permanent.

“From 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. people can come to something that would look like a mini-market which is anchored by some CSA pick-ups as well as some existing vendors on Saturdays and new vendors dropping off and having an afternoon market,” Grady said. .

This will not replace the existing marketplace, but will ideally be an outdoor marketplace with 10-15 vendors allowing people to pre-order.

The next formal meeting is set for May 11 at 12:00 p.m. with a second meeting at 7:00 p.m. to hear and chat with the 10C and Farmers Market team.


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