Close to home, actress Javicia Leslie talks about her home renovations


“Close to Home” is a series inspired by the fact that many of us are spending more time at home and learning to appreciate our sanctuaries now more than ever. At the same time, we know that our readers (and viewers) care about giving back to others around the world, which is why our interview subjects talk about their homes and their exciting projects, endeavors they have engaged in and that they have had a social impact as a result. .

In the latest in this series, we caught up with actress Javicia Leslie, who will become the first black Batwoman in January, playing the title role of superhero on the CW’s “Batwoman.”

Javicia Leslie is currently in Vancouver filming the CW’s “Batwoman,” but her home is in Los Angeles, a two-bedroom apartment she bought earlier this year. At the moment, the apartment is being destroyed and he hopes that the renovation is complete by the time he returns to the United States.

His design style: “Clean and modern as it can be,” he told Mansion Global and Penta. As for the apartment itself, it was the view, the large windows, and the amenities that really appealed to her. “Lighting affects how I feel,” he said.

And thanks to the recreational amenities, “it almost feels like you’re in a resort.” She is making everything feel more modern and stylish by replacing dark cabinets with light or white colors.

While 33-year-old Ms Leslie is passionate about her home design, as well as her pioneering role as the first black Batwoman: “I love that this is where it starts,” she says of her big break, she also has a foundation called The Chandler Foundation, which is aimed at giving back to children in need.

As part of the Chandler Foundation, coined by his family’s last name, he raised money to build a school in Haiti, collected sports supplies for Los Angeles public schools, and even did a backpack drive in Washington, DC, near where he grew up. . where children collected packed backpacks and could have their hair cut and braided, for free, before the start of the school year.

“A great passion of mine is being able to give children the opportunity to feel free to follow their dreams to their fullest capacity,” he said.

Another topic of great importance to her: social justice. “This is not new to us,” he said of the Black Lives Matter movement. “I pray that as a country, as a world, we find a way to shed light … and understand that we cannot do this ourselves. We need help. “During this highly politicized environment, it’s important to” hold people accountable, “Leslie said.” Don’t let people tell you what they’re going to do. “

And lasting change will come when everyone does their part, he said. “In order for us to make a change, we have to do it together. As black people, we have been doing this for ourselves for so long. This is real life for us. This is not a movement for us, this is not a hashtag. “


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