Bike4Alz stops at Bowling Green and hosts an event at SOKY market


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – The boys participating in Bike4Alz are more than halfway through their trip and have stopped at Bowling Green before continuing on to Virginia Beach.

“We rode about 2,700 miles,” said Chaney Ruby, one of the riders. “It was tough, everything you can expect. We have had highs, we have had lows. “

However, these ups and downs don’t allow them to forget why they’re riding in the first place. “A lot of us have a personal connection to Alzheimer’s disease,” said Kyle Allen, another participant. “So that’s often what keeps us going, and we know everyone at home is so supportive of us.”

Participants were able to view their support system on Saturday. After starting in San Fransico, cycling across the country, organizing events, and meeting new people, they finally returned to Bowling Green for a short visit.

“We’re with everyone we know now, we really feel all the support here in our home country,” Allen said. Bike4Alz hosted a SOKY Marketplace event, one of their many ways to fundraise for Alzheimer’s disease research along the way.

“Getting into Bowling Green was the best way to cheer up,” said Ruby. “Seeing so many familiar faces, family, friends that you haven’t seen in 50, I think we’re 52 days away.”

Their journey is not over yet, after a brief tour of Kentucky, they will continue their journey to Virginia Beach.

“When you think about what individuals face, what families face on a daily basis, and what individuals have suffered in their lifetime. It can’t compare to a hill, it can’t compare to 120 miles, ”explained Ruby.

All participants attend WKU and are members of the Fiji Brotherhood. They will arrive in Virginia Beach on July 28.

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