Beats marketplace Airbit launches auto-generated videos and one-click posting to YouTube and TikTok


Community Beats Market Airbit introduced the ability for its members to automatically generate personalized videos with their beats and post them directly from the Airbit platform to TikTok and YouTube with just one click.

When a member uploads a beat to Airbit, the platform analyzes the beat, automatically generates an accompaniment waveform, generates visually dynamic personalized videos using the beat and avatar artwork of the member, the personalized waveform and other elements, and publishes the videos directly to the YouTube and TikTok accounts of the members. Producers can customize titles and descriptions, and choose their favorite artwork and avatars. They will also be able to post their beats as TikTok sounds without accompanying video content.

“It’s important to Airbit that we continue to provide new tools, services and educational resources to help beatmakers not only share their music, but lay the foundation for a lasting career,” said Wasim Khamlichi, Founder and CEO. from Airbit. “We want our entire community to succeed not only as independent music producers, but also as entrepreneurs. This is just one of the marketing tools that can help with this transition. »


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