Is it possible to extend the repayment period of a non-bank loan?


You took a payday loan at a loan company. Although you did not take on a scenario in which you will not be able to pay off your debt, it really happens. Such a turn of events can happen when we had a lot of expenses in a given month and we do not have enough money to pay the loan installment or loan. There may be many reasons for not being able to pay back your debt, but the most important thing is that there are ways to extend your payday payment deadline.

You cannot delay and you must act immediately to prevent us from ceasing to pay our debts at all. It is best in this case to contact the loan company and extend the repayment time to be able to collect the money needed to pay the payday loan next month. Such an action can relieve the household budget.

A longer repayment period means higher costs 

A longer repayment period means higher costs 

The payday loan always specifies the time when we should pay it back. However, we are not always able to predict all difficulties in life. Not once in your life there are additional expenses that burden our budget. In such situations, the option of extending the repayment time saves us, which involves additional conditions and fees.

As the name suggests, the extension of the loan is that the borrower receives a bonus in the form of an additional period to pay off the debt. Usually, companies operating in the non-banking sector are willing to give 7, 14 or even 30 days for the final payment. This allows you to choose a new commitment date that suits your financial situation.
We can use the loan extension once during the period of the given financial liability. This option allows you to extend the repayment period, which will somehow relieve our home budget. This solution, however, results in the inevitable increase in interest costs.

Extension of the repayment period is payable and each non-banking company sets the price list individually. We can look for such information on the lenders’ website in the additional fees table. However, if we have a problem with this, we can call the loan company, send an email, or we can contact the loan company representative via chat. In most companies, the loan extension fee must be fully transferred to the lender’s account in order for the extension request to be accepted.

Companies willingly extend the repayment period

Companies willingly extend the repayment period

Many non-bank companies that grant loans have the option of extending the repayment period. In the case of an online loan, it will be extremely easy, because at the time of application we were created a user account on the site. Just log in to such an account to see various options, including repayment of the loan or extension of the loan. However, you must apply for a loan extension before the repayment deadline.

1. Complete the appropriate loan extension application.
2. Deposit the amount required to accept the application.
3. Wait for the official confirmation of the extension of the repayment time.

The applications for extending the loan repayment time can be found mostly on the websites of loan companies. It is also worth knowing that you can extend the payday payment only twice. Some companies, however, require you to provide additional security that will ensure that the customer will pay off the loan on the latter date. It can be a legal guarantor or an individual guarantor, ie simply a resident.

Banks not checking credit history

The services of credit institutions are currently very high are popular. Many turn to the bank for a loan. But not everyone has an ideal credit history. The problem is that everything, even the slightest mistake of the client, is brought in as the only delay in payment.

Not to mention the late repayment of debt and other inaccuracies. And when another need to issue a loan – there are problems. Because banks do not risk spending money when looking at a client’s payment transaction. But there is a way out. There are banks that do not check their credit history.

“Good Finance”


It should be noted that a financial institution who completely shuts his eyes on everything does not exist. However, there is a list of banks that have a decent payment for their clients’ past. And that’s why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Here, for example, “Good Finance”. He is ranked 12th all-Russian rating of banks. That means he’s in the top 15 and doesn’t take the last line there. The sum of its assets exceeds 1.18 trillion USD. And in the last month “Good Finance” multiplied 35.87%! More than 312 billion USD in 30 days – this data is impressive.

If money is urgently needed, then the best option is to issue a credit card for the required amount in “Good Finance”. The employees of the organization will do this as quickly as possible, the client’s payment history is not checked. An urgent credit service can also be the way out. The decision, in this case, is made in the shortest possible time for which it is not possible to analyze the client’s history.

Good Credit Bank


Listing of banks that do not check credit history should be drawn to this financial organization. Why At least because it is a leader in consumer lending in our market.

True, for the “closed eyes” banks on bad payment history will have to pay. Interest payments of course. The worse the credit history is – the higher they are. But you can look at it from the other side – by regularly depositing money as a debt repayment and not a delay, you will be able to “whiten” your payment in the past.

So about rates. If a person, already a client of the bank, decides to arrange a loan of 10 to 850 thousand USD, it will be 17.9% per annum. The minimum period is a year. And the maximum – 84 months. New clients are offered an amount of between 30 and 500 thousand USD at 19.9% ​​per annum. And for 12 to 60 months. For example, if a person on such terms issued 300,000 USD on credit per year, then as a result will pay 59,700 USD as interest.

Honest Bank

Honest Bank

This organization should also be paid attention to talk about banks that do not control credit history.

The first advantage that will delight Honest BankBanka, – the possibility of filling in an online application, which is considered within 30 minutes. During this time, of course, no one checks the payment history of their potential client. Here is what Honest Bank Bank offers:

  • No commission.
  • The more documents will be provided – the lower the interest rate.
  • The amount – from 20 thousand USD per million.
  • The maximum duration is 5 years.
  • Possibility of early repayment without commissions.

Not surprisingly, this organization has entered a list of banks that close their eyes before the past payments. By the way, their favorite service is providing instant credit cards. And the name speaks for itself. In general, everyone can borrow money at Honest Bank Bank – that’s why it’s popular.

Russian standard


This organization is also on a list called “Banks that don’t check your credit history.” It also offers an express loan. The application is reviewed within 15-20 minutes. This time it is enough for the bank to decide how much it will issue to the client.

The service is available to all. After all, you only need to show your passport to use it. But even better – an express loan can be provided remotely through an online service. Only age limits are restricted – the client must be at least 23 years old and a maximum of 65 years old.

This amount may vary from 3 000 to 1 000 000 USD. The minimum period is 3 months. And the maximum is 3 years. The rate is set individually.

Bank Renaissance loan


This should be noted with special attention. Do banks check credit history? For example, the Renaissance, no. They offer their customers remote credit card processing with a limit of up to 150,000 USD. It is only important to provide detailed information about yourself (passport data), your financial status and work experience.

If the organization’s representatives are generally satisfied with everything, the person will receive the card on the same day. By the way, when compiling an online application, he can immediately indicate the department in which it would be more convenient for him to pick it up.

What about full loans? The maximum amount of possible loan is 500 000 USD. Maturity – from 24 to 60 months. The rate for “trouble-free” customers is 15.9% per year.

For those whose payment history remains much to be desired – 19.9%. I am glad that there are several kinds of services provided to people with financial problems.

Therefore, the Renaissance is consistently included in all types of ratings reported by banks that do not check their credit history. Moscow is the capital and rich in such organizations. Especially popular is the Renaissance, whose seat is here.

Loan on account statement? In what companies?

Whatever the case, loans are quite popular. If you look at it from the perspective of loan companies, nothing more to enjoy. However, if we look at the matter from the perspective of customers, the situation is different. In short, financial problems are normality.
It is possible that you have heard of a loan on your account statement. Do you know what this loan involves? These questions are of course not accidental, the loan on the account statement is the subject of this text (in general).

What is an account statement?

What is an account statement?

Since the subject of the text is a loan for an account statement, it’s time to say about what an account statement is. The definition of an account statement is very simple – we are talking about a document that presents the turnover for a specific period. The bank is responsible for developing such a document.

When it comes to creating an account statement, the matter is very simple – all you have to do is log in to your bank account and find the option to create a statement. It is also worth remembering that a bank statement can be generated automatically.
Are you wondering what the form of the statement is? If so, remember that you can choose between paper and electronic documents.

Loan on account statement?

Loan on account statement?

As the definition of an account statement has been discussed, it’s time to focus on loans. Getting to the point – it’s time to ask the question, how can you determine a loan on your account statement? In fact, it is difficult to say something specific, account statement is such a security used by some companies.
Anyway, we can refer to ads. To be precise, it’s worth asking yourself, what can I learn from advertising? Naturally, this is a question with different answers. However, you can certainly hear about the benefits of this offer.

As for details, reference to a small amount of formalities is possible. A small amount of formalities is an asset you often hear (maybe even always). Are you wondering why this is being discussed right now? Formalities are something that can differ from company to company, but all companies care about lending responsibly (at least theoretically).
By the way, customers should also care about responsible lending.

What should the conclusion be drawn from this? It’s time to think about whether an account statement is an asset to me, or just the opposite.

How to take a loan from your account?

How to take a loan from your account?

If you are interested in a loan for data from your account, there is nothing else but to familiarize yourself with the proposals for individual activities. In addition, remember that the most important are always expectations (to put it simply – it’s about the amount and time to pay back). Loan formalities are not so important, although of course they are also significant.
There is also no secret that the situation among loan companies can change. Anyway, the same can be said for any company, the scope of responsibilities is not of the slightest importance.

It is also worth mentioning that the loan agreement must be read carefully. Theoretically, this is a primer, but as you know, theory does not always reflect what is seen in practice.